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EPS Financial


EPS Financial specializes in helping retirees and those considering retirement to choose the best methods to optimize income while minimizing risk to capital.  Our company was founded in 2001and has been advising our clients and those interested in determining the best approach in Health Care, Life needs and making the best use of their assets. 

Our product lines include:

·       Life Insurance
·       Annuities
·       Medicare Supplements (Parts “A” and “B” of  Medicare)
·       Medicare Advantage (Part “C” of Medicare)
·       Prescription Drug Coverage (Part “D” of Medicare)
·       Long Term Care Insurance
·       Health Insurance; Both Individual & Small Group
·       Supplemental Health

At EPS Financial & Insurance Services, our client is foremost in our thinking.  We consider it an honor for those that choose to utilize our services and we do our best to fulfill the client's expectations.  Our aim is to provide rapid and hassle free service.  Depending on the need and client desires, EPS will work with our clients online, by phone, through the mail, and in person at our offices or at the client’s home.  In other words, we consider your needs and time to choose the best way to help guide you.


Our character and service sets us apart from the many other providers in our field.  We've earned a reputation for caring for our clients.  The value of that relationship cannot be measured in dollars and we work diligently to preserve it.

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